Infographic: Fonts & Colors That Drive the World’s Top Brands

The Makings of a Perfect Logo

We took a look at the world’s top 100 brands to determine which fonts, colors and formats were the most popular choices. Our infographic provides some good food for thought if you’ve hit a road block on your latest logo design.

Logo & Font Color Infographic

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About the Study: The Details

We based our research on the latest Forbes list of the world’s most powerful brands. Since brands frequently change or update their logos, our study reflects only the logos featured on the list. The color white was not included as a design feature if other colors were present. Apple’s white logo was the only exception.

The Results

We found that most brands opt for a blue logo featuring the world’s most popular sans-serif font, Helvetica. Serif fonts ended up being the least used typeface, although it hasn’t stopped Google from being listed as the #5 top brand in the world.

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7 replies
  1. Dhaval M.
    Dhaval M. says:

    Superb. But I wonder if the companies who use “logo only” also attach an audio with their ads or somehow bring the consumer another sensory perception as to obtaining their brand name.

    Was definitely surprised by “Blue” but blue is so generic. There are a million shades of blue nowadays. Is there any particular blue that is prominent? I thought the winner would be red!

    Anyway, nice little infographic. Thanks for the data!

  2. Rudi
    Rudi says:

    Great job! However, you should’ve found the proper Ford logo rather than running a quick trace on that Ford logo 😉

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    I think it’s a great idea, but very inaccurate. UPS is Brown, “What can Brown do for you”, Verizon is red, Disney is blue, and I doubt Hyundai and Dell can be considered a top brand.


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