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A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Earns and Retains Customers

From technical setup to eye-popping design to daily posting and customer outreach: we help you manage your brand online.


Your Customers Are Waiting for You

Your customers–present and future–are already living in the world of social media…are you? TastyPlacement helps you take control and earn new customers and retain the customers you already have. Our programs range from support for your existing campaign to full expert management. 

Good Social Media Management Is Good Business

Like with website design, good social media practices aregood for business. Your social media presence says a lot about who you are and how you treat customers. Users reach conclusions when they see your brand and company represented online. With TastyPlacement, you can feel confident that all your messages — visual and otherwise — send the right message to customers.

Meet Rachel Phillips
Director, Social Media Dept.

“I am Rachel Phillips, and I lead TastyPlacement’s social media marketing efforts. No brand is too large or too small to be seen in the social space. With experience working with dozens of platforms, we use the latest tools and ideas to implement and monitor your social strategy. Reach out to us to give your company a voice and identity today. “

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Expert Integration With Your SEO Campaign

And, if you are concerned about search engine rankings (who isn’t?), then a lively social media presence can push your rankings higher. Google rewards websites that are tied to active social media communities with higher rankings. These are “social signals” and they are widely accepted to be part of today’s search engine algorithms. With TastyPlacement, all of our social media campaigns are “SEO Aware”.

Facebook Ads, Viral Campaigns, Remarketing: We Do it All

TastyPlacement has experience with all social media channels: Pinterest, Facebook ads, Facebook remarketing, viral campaigns, infographics–we’ve done it all. Simply observe our social media presence and the presence of our clients. With a team of over 15 employees, we have the manpower/womanpower to handle campaigns of any size.

Social Media Case Study: WreckedExotics.com

Facebook Fan GrowthWe helped automotive/entertainment site WreckedExotics.com reach 10,000 Facebook fans in just over a year. How did we do it?

With a comprehensive and sophisticated program of expert technology, marketing and persuasion.  We used (and can implement for you) the following:

  • A sophisticated web-based email capture builds the WreckedExotics newsletter mailing list. We couple the email sign up with…
  • A weekly email newsletter (newsletters remain tremendously popular as marketing devices–what we call “the original social media”. Our weekly newsletter brings traffic and includes a Facebook invitation.
  • Advanced, web-based, slide-up Facebook invitation (which we developed for use only with our clients)–turns casual website visitors into permanent, engaged members of your client community.
  • Active and engaging Facebook content engages Facebook fans and spirals into more Fans as users invite their Facebook contacts.
  • Other, proprietary devices and strategies (you’ll have to consult with us to learn more).

Expert Social Media Success: WreckedExotics

So, how does WreckedExotics harness the power of its 10,000+ Facebook users?

The Facebook platform enables WreckedExotics to push content to that user base independently of its web search or email newsletter. Thus, it brings in additional visits to its site.

Put Expert Social Media to Work for Your Business

 Yes, I’d Like Learn More About Your Service With a Consultation

We use TastyPlacement to optimize our website, www.SPIbelt.com. We sell a Small Personal Item belt called the SPIbelt, and sell fitness DVDs. A few weeks after TastyPlacement went to work, our Google rankings rose considerably, and we currently enjoy a Number 1 ranking in Google for the phrase “Running Belts”, a highly competitive term–and a good place to be!

Kim Overton, Founder & Owner, SPIbelt.com

I entrust the marketing of my multi-office Plastic Surgery practice exclusively to Michael at TastyPlacement/Medical Website Design Pros: we’ve done a website design, pay per click internet ads, SEO, lead management, and email marketing. Before TastyPlacement, we had lukewarm success with a few other internet marketing firms. In the first year working with Michael, we have increased our revenues tremendously and now enjoy a steady stream of qualified patients through internet marketing.

Dr. Larry Schlesinger, Owner, Maui Body

We trust our SEO to TastyPlacement exclusively. We had a prior campaign deliver lukewarm results, but when Michael and his team took over, we achieved superior rankings that increased the traffic. Our national brand, MonsterRax overhead garage storage racks, benefits greatly from the continued efforts of TastyPlacement. We recommend them highly.

Matt Davis, President, Monsterrax/Saferacks