SEO Article Tracker Software

The SEO tool you always wished you had. Leading SEO firm TastyPlacement has built an article tracking application that will streamline your article link-building campaigns. It’s web-based, intuitive, and precisely fitted to the unique needs of a high-volume SEO company.

Screenshot of article tracking data entry in progress.

Why You Need the SEO Article Tracker Application

Let’s say you’re a hip and fast SEO firm. You’ve got dozens of clients and every month you break your back building them links. After a while, you forget how many links for “Austin Widget Company” you posted on Sure, you’ve got a spreadsheet, but that’s awkward to sort and search, and you find yourself scrolling through pages of data just to figure out you’ve already maxed out the choice anchor text.

What you need is a specialized, searchable database to keep it all organized. Something exactly like SEO Article Tracker.

SEO Article Tracker: Results As Flexible As You

Just enter the information into the database through the easy web form as you post the articles. The SEO Article Tracker keeps that information, letting you manage your link campaigns without anything getting lost. Search by article publisher, by client, by approval date, or even by alter-ego!

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The search results for the SEO article tracker database

Search Results from the Article Tracker Database