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Our Infographic Design Portfolio & Gallery

TastyPlacement has produced a wide range of successful infographics as part of its suite of digital marketing services. Our infographics have routinely made the front page of Visual.ly, the highest honor in the world of infographic production. What follows is our infographic design portfolio.

Social Signals Infographic

Social Signal Infographic
Our infographic and study on social signals was a viral tsunami, garnering almost 600 Pinterest pins, 171 Tweets, hundreds of Facebook mentions, and much more. It remains one of the most shared infographics in the social media and SEO space.

Motorcycle Infographic

Motorcycle Safety Infographic

Our motorcycle safety infographic earned hundreds of viral mentions, shares, and links and made the front page of Visual.ly

Hurricane Sandy Infographic

Hurricane Sandy Infographic

We took a look at how Hurricane Sandy affected workers in the Northeast.

WiFi Security Infographic


Internet crime is on the rise! We designed this infographic with managed WiFi solutions in mind.

Logo Design Infographic

Logo Design Infographic

We found out which fonts, colors and styles make up the logos of the world’s most powerful brands.

Buckle Up! Infographic

Buckle Up Infographic

This Buckle Up! infographic we executed for our client the S.E. Farris Law Firm.

Basics of Sleep Infographic

Basics of Sleep Infographic

Our first infographic was “Basics of Sleep”

Allergy & Asthma Infographic


Another inspired design on behalf of an air purifier provider.

Negative SEO Infographic

Negative SEO Infographic

Our Infographic on Testing Negative SEO was another tremendous viral success, garnering thousands of social shares in the aggregate. It continues to yield between a few dozen and a few hundred viral shares a month.

HIPAA Infographic

HIPAA Infographic

Our HIPAA infographic was one of our most successful.

Urban Mining Infographic

Urban Mining Infographic

What happens to old electronics once they become obsolete? We researched how urban miners can recover scrapped gold and silver from computers, cellphones and other gadgets that have piled up in landfills across the world.

Recycling Infographic


Did you know that the average person creates over four pounds of garbage every day? We didn’t until we compiled the data for this ROUND2 infographic, which was featured on Microsoft.com!