Highlighting Disappears from Google SERPs?

Is Google Testing a New SERP Alternative to Displaying Highlighted Query Terms?

Historically, Google would echo a user’s queried terms on it’s SERPs (search results pages) by highlighting/bolding those terms back to a user in both organic results and Adwords text ads. This principle dictates quite a bit of strategizing when drafting text ads and meta information for webpages. Below is an example…


Here’s a Current SERP, With No Highlighting

Today, however, we noticed a new SERP page, without bold/highlight on a user’s query terms in title tags. Notice that the queried terms are still bolded in meta descriptions.



We saw this non-highlighted SERP version in both Chrome and Firefox. Testing through a series of proxies, we saw both highlighted and non-highlighted version.

Hmmn, indeed.


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