How to: Google Shopping Feed (PLA) With Magento

Let’s get started: PLAs/Google Shopping Feed for Magento

Okay let’s begin. We are going to setup Google Product Listing Ads within the Magento system. Here are the steps we will take and what we are going to need?

  • We are going to use Magento obviously.
  • Then we are going to purchase an extension through MagModules which works great.
  • Then we are going to install the extension through Magento Connect and
  • Finally we will configure the extension and test our work.

Here’s the Google Shopping Feed Video Tutorial

And here is the transcript of the video, which is a bit wordy, but it has all the information you need to get your Magento installation producing a Google Shopping Feed:

Okay let’s begin the tutorial here. We are going to take a Magento installation and we are going to make it generate automatically an XML feed that can then later be imported into Google Shopping. Google Shopping or Google Product Listing Ads it’s the same things are these ads here (see video). And so we done a query here for “Gorilla Masks”… A lot of companies have products in this feed. These tend to be fairly inexpensive ads. It’s long tail search. People, I don’t know who is searching this except me who is not looking for an actual mask. So the conversion rate on these ads is really good. Plus to be honest these are a little bit difficult to setup which sort of weeds out most people, all right? That’s why Google Text Ads … are so competitive because anybody can do it. This however is a little more tricky. So we are going to get this setup at least on Magento side.

Let’s Prepare Magento

And so start by logging in to Magento and then also Magento Connect Manager, within our Magento installation. Login there as well – it’s a separate login. We are going to be purchasing an extension and we are going to import it here, okay?

So through trial and error I found this product, okay? And I found it through Magento Connect, the site where there is a library of extensions and the name is Google Shopping Feed and see other have searched with this. And it’s this product here and it’s from a company called MagModules. The price is 30 Euros. A couple of sales though should pay for that. And through a couple iterations it’s you know I wouldn’t write this is any kinda custom script to review this and there is a lot of plug-ins–extensions that don’t work. This one worked first time for me. I think it’s a sound product. It’s got good votes. It’s 5 out of 5 starts with 32 reviews. One of which I think is mine. So this worked really well for us.

Get MagModules’ Google Shopping Feed Extension

So once you, you know, you can go to this page if you wanna learn more about it. When you click get extension you are going to come over to the MagModules site. Create an account, buy the product here and you will get an Email with a license key and link to it to the product and you are going to downloaded on this page for MagModules download version 1.5.5. Download it to your computer and then when you go back to Magento Connect Manger you are going to just you know chose file and upload in this way, okay?

Now once you installed the package you wanna go back to your Magento installation. Just log out, log back in and also over t0 System and go to Cache Management and then you wanna just flush these two – it’s just a good practice and it’s just a weird this about Magento that none of us get away from. And then I also just, you probably no need to do this, but I just have a habit of going to system Index Management, select all and then just reindexing the data. I just find everything goes more smoothly if you do those two things: Clear the cache and reindex the site.

Configuring the Google Shopping Feed Extension

So now that your program is installed and that’s the MagModules product listing extension. If you go to System Configuration where I am sure you are used to going a lot. You will have a new section and it’s MagModules and you have a Google Shopping link here and you click that.

And now we are in the final step which is configuring the extension. This part isn’t hard but you may have to spend some time in here. Magento obviously sells a wide variety of products. You may sell really weird stuff. Your system setup may be different than mine but as long as you can generate a file with this extension you can tweak this to the point where you can get a feed that Google will accept.

And by the way we will do a separate video for setting out the product for you on the Google site. So right here today though our goal for you in 15-20 minutes from now is to have your feed working. So scroll right to the bottom here and this how the file name is generated. And those are generic file name here. Google-Shopping.xml. I left that the way it is and you can see once you got all setup there is my feed and XML and it has in stock and it has the brand name the NPN, the Google Product Category which is a number and then it’s got a product type and small description so it’s working here.

So, the sections you wanna focus on for configuration are this:

  • ID Attribute
  • Name Attribute
  • Description Attribute

You map these over to these fields on your site. And I have done product ID, name and short description that’s going to work for 90% of people. We sell products so the condition is new. The GTIN we don’t use that so we gotta away without that because we are using a brand and our attribute in our system is called Manufacturer. That was done with some customization on our site. So if you don’t have that you might use GTIN just depends how you store is setup.

Tax customization – we forced including Tax according the rules we setup in Magento which is Texas only. These I have completely left alone” price rules, identifier exists, and product type is “yes.”

The section that I deserve to mention is the shipping section and they warn you. MagModules says we recommend that you configure the shipping cost at your Google Merchant but in some cases you may wanna do this. Luckily we had a really easy setup with a shipping over at the Google Merchant Center where the product listing ads. They let you setup shipping rules over there and that is going to make your ads better. Because it will say “Free Shipping” more reliably in your ads which you are going to want.

Saving the Google Shopping Feed File

This section here I mean we can’t configure for all potential configurations which is now its pretty simple to setup. You just may have to tweak it a bit. If you don’t get to the point where you are generating the feed then you begin the process of importing your feed into the Google Merchant Center which then can lead you to the product listing ads. That’s a separate video. That’s a tasking itself. But once you get to here like you are 90% done.

If you get stuck…

If you’d rather get pro help with your Magento SEO or your Product Listing Ads Management, think about reaching out to Tastyplacement; we offer these services. Not convinced of our awesomeness? Check out our PPC case study, and you will be.

I hope you save a ton of tweaking time like I did. I you know had to tweak this for hours and hours before I got to work. Hopefully it goes smoothly for you. As always visit us over and follow us on Facebook and that’s kinda cool. Thanks for watching.

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