Google Announces New Link Disavowal Tool

Google’s Matt Cutts announced at the PubCon marketing conference that Google is rolling out a new much-anticipated  link disavowal tool. Bad links from poor quality sites can harm a site’s rankings in Google, and Google has implemented this tool to let webmasters remove bad links from their link profile.

The tool will operate by uploading a txt file that contains a list of domains that a webmaster wishes to disavow. There will also be a domain: operator that will let a webmaster disavow all links from a domain.

Here’s a sample of what a disavowal tool text file would look like:

The tool is ostensibly live at the following domain:

Cutts warns that it’s always better to have bad links removed rather than disavow links with the tool, but recognizes that’s not always possible.

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  1. Ryan Howard
    Ryan Howard says:

    Well, cough cough, guess my excitement for this new tool is somewhat incriminating. But there are loads of ways to get bad links to a site. Especially when a “shadylink” is different now than it used to be.

    I think Google has two goals with this.

    1. Chill out (and hopefully help out) some people that got Penguinified
    2. Add a little additional protection against NSEO.

    Love it. Thanks for the post Michael.


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