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How To: Install Google Analytics Dynamic Remarketing on Shopify

Intro to Installing Dymanic Remarketing on Shopify Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear: The instructions below are only applicable for those of you wanting to set up Dynamic Remarketing through Google Analytics (GA).  If you’re trying to set up Dynamic Remarketing through AdWords for Shopify, check out the instructions in this article. Before […]

How to: Google Shopping Feed (PLA) With Magento

Let’s get started: PLAs/Google Shopping Feed for Magento Okay let’s begin. We are going to setup Google Product Listing Ads within the Magento system. Here are the steps we will take and what we are going to need? We are going to use Magento obviously. Then we are going to purchase an extension through MagModules […]

Your Google Listing Has Been Flagged for Non-Compliance

Do I even have to say it? It’s. A. Scam. Google themselves warn that “Google does not charge for inclusion in Google Maps. Be wary of invoices for services received — especially if nobody in the business remembers purchasing those services. Make sure to perform due diligence on any financial transaction.” This is just the […]

WordPress Media Upload HTTP Error: The Fix

Here’s how to fix the dreaded “HTTP error” when uploading images through WordPress’ media uploader. We’ve seen this with JPG files and it basically boils down to filesize or just a bad file. These Tips Will Fix “HTTP Error” on Media Upload 99% of the Time: Shrink the Image: Use Photoshop or Pixlr (online photo […]

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress AMP Content

In the last post we talked about how to get AMP working in WordPress and how to get it optimized for the Accelerated Mobile Pages search results. Today we’re going to talk about how to get Google Analytics working on the AMP content. We’re huge GA fans, and if we’re not tracking the traffic for […]

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

How to Implement and Optimize AMP in WordPress

Do you have Accelerated Mobile Pages working? Unless you’re a major news outlet like The Guardian, you probably don’t. In this post, we’ll talk about what AMP is and what it’s not, how it will be hugely important for SEO (or totally irrelevent), and lastly how to get it working on your own WordPress site. […]

How to Backup WordPress the Right Way

I wouldn’t trust a plugin to do a WordPress backup. First of all, how will you ever know that the plugin is secure? How will you know if the plugin is working correctly? Finally, you’ll need the plugin to restore the backup–what if the plugin isn’t updated for the current version of WordPress? To Backup WordPress […]

SEO Power Tools

How to Make a Sitemap w/ Screaming Frog SEO Spider (+Video)

Introduction (Video Below) The following is a transcription of the video that appears below Hi. This is Michael David from Tasty Placement. I’m the author of WordPress Search Engine Optimization, now out on 2nd Edition on Packt Publishing. My agency is a Google Analytics Certified Partner agency and Google Certified Adwords Partners. And this is […]

How to Log Into WordPress

It’s very easy, you just need to know the name of the standard page for the login screen: Go to your website in a browser. Type in the following after the website name: /wp-admin, so www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/ You’ll see a login screen. Enter your User Name and Password. If You Like This WordPress Tip: Check out […]

Racing Poster Design – 1980s Style Racing Poster

Yes we know! This has nothing to do with SEO, PPC, or anything else we do here at Tastyplacement. But we’ve been doing posters for a local racing series (Michael David participates), and we wanted to make a pure 1980s style racing poster based on a video game. We’ve got 8-bit design elements, like low […]

Getting Started With WordPress

A Complete Starter Guide to Writing, Editing and Maintaining Your WordPress Site Updated for 2016! Congratulations on setting up your first WordPress web site. This is a guide to writing and editing webpages on your WordPress site.  As you use, update, and maintain your site, you will begin to understand why WordPress is one of […]

How to Fix WordPress Robots.txt after Googlebot Cannot Access JS and CSS Warning

We’ve been doing SEO for WordPress for a long time. A big part of that has always been controlling the amount, and quality, of indexed pages, since WordPress creates so many different flavors of content automatically. If you’ve read Michael David’s book on WordPress SEO, you’ve seen his ultimate robots.txt file https://www.tastyplacement.com/book-excerpt-the-ultimate-wordpress-robots-txt-file which goes something […]

How to Make a Mobile Site Click to Call Link

This tutorial shows how to make a click-to-call link on a mobile website–and how to improve the conversion rate with a few tips and tricks. Includes code and instructions.

Click to Call Tracking With Google Tag Manager: Tutorial

…with a bonus: Mobile Device Detection Here’s the need: we have a responsive website, as pretty much 1/3 of the web has these days. We love receiving emails through our contact form from customers, and they are easy to track as Goals in Google Analytics and we feel they represent a more interested and more serious […]

Is WordPress Good for SEO?

This article examines the reasons behind WordPress’ power as an SEO platform, and also points to a few drawbacks.

Some Gear

(That Has Nothing to Do With Search Engine Optimization)… Or websites, or PPC, or marketing. Just gear we use and like. Ibanez Jet King JTK2:     And the Ibanez ASB180 Semi-Hollow Bass:   Review of the Ibanez ASB180 [by Michael, owner]: It’s 90% impressive. The construction quality is pretty close to Gibson USA level. There is […]

$150 Video-Enabled Home PBX Voip System

I recently built a 3-phone, video-enabled, full-blown PBX Voip phone system based on a RaspberryPI B. The system makes extension-to-extension and Voip video calls (very good for talking to kids without yelling upstairs), and the system makes and receives normal outbound and inbound phone calls for about 1 penny a minute through FlowRoute’s normal SIP/Voip […]

A Pay Per Click Case Study of Awesome Excellence

How we tripled a client’s conversion rate in 6 weeks, and lowered Google Adwords cost-per-conversion by 63.22% We love conversion rate optimization and cost-per-conversion optimization. This is the heart of the matter–it sits at the core of what any advertising campaign should look towards. This case study will show how we did the following for […]