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Pay Per Click {PPC}
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Advanced PPC/Adwords Marketing
Text Ads, Display, Complex Remarketing
It’s All Possible With TastyPlacement

Certified Google Partners

Stop Waste, Save Money, Save Time:


Leverage Powerful Google Ads and Remarketing/Retargeting Techniques to Grow Your Business

Let us take the fuss of Adwords off your hands–you can focus on your business. We manage, monitor and tweak your campaign for a low monthly fee.
We KNOW what your competitors are spending and doing, and we can use this competitive intelligence to help you.
We get more customers with the same budget, so you stop wasting money. We’ve never seen a PPC campaign we couldn’t improve.
Advanced techniques like Remarketing (follow ads) take your campaign farther than you can imagine.

Can Your PPC Company Tell You Your Conversion Rate by Hour of the Day? We Can.

Our custom, proprietary Google Analytics extensions show us not only who is buying, but when they are buying.

This additional power means more customers on your bottom line.


Can Your PPC Management Company Design and Install Custom Propriety AdWords and Analytics Dashboards? We Can.

We are working with Google’s most advanced tools to deliver power and precision beyond the capabilities of mortals.


Experienced Adwords Advertisers

When seeking a PPC partner in Austin or elsewhere, insist on an experienced PPC expert.  We’ve applied our years of experience to make sure we’re delivering the best possible service to you, our customers. We can bring a level of expertise that is nearly impossible to duplicate in an in-house environment. We can squeeze more clicks out of a campaign for the same price that you are already paying now.

Published Marketing Experts

[icon image="award" align="left"][clear]You can find our hands-on guide to digital marketing, “WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization” in bookstores throughout the world. Our book is a by-product of our enthusiasm for digital marketing, and we bring that enthusiasm to everything we do. Why hire a student when you can hire the teacher? If you’d like to learn more about our book, you can Buy the Book Today at Amazon.

Advanced Pay Per Click Techniques

Our skills mean we can employ advanced methodologies to your campaign. Have a stiff competitor? We can identify their ad schedule and employ dayparting to purchase clicks at big savings. This technique is just one of many advanced techniques we use, and it was the subject of an article we contributed to SEOMoz, you can read the full article here.

Important Notice About Working With Third Parties on Your Google Adwords Campaign

You want to keep in mind important facts about working with Third Parties on your Google Adwords campaign. You can read more about it here: Working with Third-Parties.