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SEO Ranking Portfolio & Case Studies

The following is a partial list of number one rankings we have earned for our clients. Please keep in mind that this list is only partial. A complete list of number 1 rankings and first page rankings would be unnecessarily long. For our portfolio of web designs, please see our web design portfolio.

Orthodontics in Houston: 43 Terms on Google’s Front Page and 6 Terms at Number 1

This image shows a recent report we’ve generated for our Orthodontic client in Houston–and we only take one client in any market. Our client enjoys 6 terms at the first position in Google, 19 terms in the top 3 positions, and 43 terms in the top 10. The green numbers you see in the report are rises in rankings reported in the monthly period covered by this report.

SEO Ranking Portfolio

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Criminal Law in Texas: a Staggering 182 Terms in the Top 10

[icon image="accepted" align="left"]The report below shows results we’ve generated for our client attorney Robert M. Phillips. Mr. Phillips is the attorney that SuperLawyers magazine calls “the man to see” in Central Texas. His site appears for a tremendous variety of search terms in a wide geographic area. The total number of terms he enjoys in position one is 38. He has 94 terms in the first three positions in Google search. This enviable profile is a point of pride at TastyPlacement–we’ve taken the high road with attorney Phillips and delivered strong positioning.

SEO Case Study


Personal Injury Law in St. Louis: 54 Terms in Top 10

Personal injury legal services are among the toughest search environments in any US metropolitan market. Effective placement for legal services requires an immersive blend of solid website design, organic search rankings, local maps placement and social media.


Rankings Equal Visits: What Could You Do With 24,101 Visits to Your Website?

The screenshot below is not from a large national website–it’s from a regional medical practice that offers elective procedures in the price range of $5,000 to $20,000. Under TastyPlacement’s stewardship, our client has reaped the benefits of hundreds of high-value customers.

One Year. 24,000 Website Visitors. 133,000 Page Views:

Really Impressive Analytics