The TastyPlacement Team

Kung Fu Masters
Michael David
Chief Kung Fu Officer

Michael David founded TastyPlacement and serves as the head of search. He does most of the intermediate coding and meets with new clients, and serves as the principal architect on all search campaigns.

Contact: michael@tastyplacement.com

Matthew Bey
VP of Operations

Matthew Bey is a marketing strategist, content writer, search analyst, and web designer. He is an accomplished science fiction writer and one of the leading editorial forces behind the Space Squid Sci-Fi Comedy Zine.

Contact: matthew@tastyplacement.com.

Maria Rivera
Senior Director of Local Search

Maria Rivera is our senior director of local search.

Contact: maria@tastyplacement.com

Joe Cabralez
Social Media Director

Joe is a native Texan holding it down in Austin since 2007. When he isn’t tweeting, twatting, or facebooking, and filling up your timeline with badass information, you can find him doing hood rat things with his hood rat friends up and down the streets of the ATX. His drink of choice is a whiskey with water because that is what men in South Texas drink. Live music shows are a safe haven for Mr. Cabralez because they allow him to indulge in the previously mentioned beverage and cut some rugs. But don’t think that Joe doesn’t have a soft side. His bulldog, Bridget, and Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise mix, Claude, are there for him emotionally and serve as his brain trust 24/7.

Contact: joe@tastyplacement.com

Joel Lowinger
Paid Search Director

Joel hails from the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado and has lived in Austin since 2010. When he is not creating genius paid search campaigns you can find him going on outdoor adventures. Joel loves skiing, hiking, running through Austin, and stand-up paddle boarding. In high-school Joel was a three-time state tennis champion, and still possesses a wicked backhand slice. At night you can find Joel dancing the night away in the Austin music scene or laughing-out-loud in the local comedy scene, occasionally trying out his own material. Joel enjoys stuffing his face in local eating competitions, and once ate 1.13 pounds of Tater-Tots in 3 minutes.

Contact: joel@tastyplacement.com

Sarah Sloan
Art Director

Sarah Sloan is our Art Director and leads our graphic efforts.

Contact: sarah@tastyplacement.com

Linda Vasquez
Senior Search Analyst

Linda is from Laredo, Texas but has been living in Austin since 2009. She has a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Texas – handy skills to be your analyst. When she’s not in the TastyPlacement office, you can find her spending time with her two cats, Tom-Tom and Wally, and her big dog, Ghost. She also enjoys blogging and watching horror movies, even the really bad ones. Linda was the 2013-14 champion for the TastyPlacement Fantasy Football League’s first year.

Contact: linda@tastyplacement.com

Claire DuBose
Search Analyst

Claire DuBose is a Search Analyst.

Contact: claire@tastyplacement.com

Jackie Ruth
Search Analyst

Jackie is originally from Pennsylvania, but now refers to Austin as home. She studied multimedia journalism at the University of Texas and loves to read and write about music news. When not at work, she loves hanging out with her pit bull mix, Pandora, and reading lots of books. Jackie also enjoys cooking and baking, then gets even more joy out of eating.

Contact: jackie@tastyplacement.com

Janine Aldaba
Account Exec

Born and raised in South Texas, Janine’s been kickin’ it in Austin since 2009. She is a lover of all things cute and fluffy, and enjoys singing and dancing under the moonlight. Performing arts are her thing – aside from SEO, of course! She grew up dancing ballet, performing in musicals, and can even play several instruments. When Janine isn’t managing your account, you’ll probably find her on some crazy adventure with her trusty companion, Pogi the Shih Tzu.

P.S. See if you can spot her brother.

Contact: janine@tastyplacement.com

Adrianne Williams
Search Analyst

Adrianne is an avid traveler, having lived in Europe and Asia before settling for her hometown in Austin. When she’s not making websites awesome, she is on an epic quest to find the city’s best bowl of pho. She’s been known to crochet whole sweaters out of thin air. Adrianne is also a browncoat, a mediocre violinist, a console gamer, a sewing enthusiast, and has a weakness for cheddar jalapeno cheetos.

Contact: adrianne@tastyplacement.com

Rachel Phillips
Local Listings Specialist

Rachel Phillips is a Local Listings Specialist.

Contact: rachel@tastyplacement.com

Paige Phillips
Search Analyst

Paige Phillips is a Search Analyst.

Contact: paige@tastyplacement.com.

Andrea Kinnison
Search Analyst

Andrea Kinnison is a St. Louis-born gal who moved to Austin in 2011. She enjoys writing, procrasticleaning, hiking, and wearing dresses every day. (Though not hiking in dresses, unless you count one ill-advised, windy trek up Enchanted Rock.) When not wearing her Search Analyst pants (or dress), you’ll probably find her biking through downtown Austin, looking for a patio where she can sip whiskey. Her secret weakness is cheesy humor, and nothing will win her over faster than a good pun.

Contact: andrea@tastyplacement.com

Kaitlyn Crawford
Search Analyst

Kaitlyn Crawford is a Search Analyst.

Contact: kaitlyn@tastyplacement.com.

Aurora Sanchez
Search Analyst

Aurora Sanchez is a Search Analyst.

Contact: aurora@tastyplacement.com.

Michael Aldaba
Paid Search Analyst

With a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences, Michael Aldaba isn’t your ordinary paid search strategist; but due to his natural analytical mindset, he was able to become Google AdWords Certified within the first week of hire. Michael’s love of food is only eclipsed by his love of racquet sports having played and coached table tennis, tennis, and badminton. Question? Boasting a typing speed of over 110 WPM, you can expect a quick reply — unless, of course, he’s eating.

Contact: michael.aldaba@tastyplacement.com

Tony Tovar
Outside Sales

Tony Tovar is a search marketing strategist, content writer, search analyst, and web designer. Tony is the Organizer of the popular Austin Meetup “Austin Entrepreneurs.”

Contact: tony@tastyplacement.com

Nate Krouse
Account Exec

Nate Krouse is an Account Executive.

Contact: nate@tastyplacement.com