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Infographic: Fonts & Colors That Drive the World’s Top Brands

The Makings of a Perfect Logo We took a look at the world’s top 100 brands to determine which fonts, colors and formats were the most popular choices. Our infographic provides some good food for thought if you’ve hit a road block on your latest logo design. Share Our Fonts & Colors Infographic You’re free to display our infographic on your... Read More

Author Rank & Authorship: Why It Is SEO Gold

What is Author Rank/Authorship? Google Authorship is a digital handshake that you make between content you create (on your website, for example) and your verified profile on Google+. You have already seen authorship at work, when you’ve seen photos appear in search results like so: Author Rank is the principle underlying authorship: that content created by a verified person is more... Read More

Guide to Posting Google+ Reviews

Google+ activity has long been speculated to influence rank. Encouraging your clients to leave a review on your Google+ page is a simple way to potentially give your listing a boost. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to successfully leave a Google+ review on a desktop or mobile device. Fair warning and advice: The number of reviews... Read More

Future Home of TastyPlacement

As the year winds down, TastyPlacement prepares to make it’s move just barely down I-35 to Southpark One. Located at 1701 Directors Blvd, the 10 story office building greets all who enter with a beautiful two-story atrium. The building has a fitness room and an outdoor jogging trail, as well as beautiful landscaping and ample parking. Check out the photos... Read More

How To Delete All WordPress Pending Posts

Have you run a multi-user blog that gone out of control? I had an open blog that over the years accumulated thousands of, ahem, “poor quality” articles in “pending” status. Rather than delete them in batches in the admin, I figured an SQL command that can remove all of them in a few seconds. But before I give you that…... Read More

Google Authorship for WordPress: Quick Setup Guide

This is our Google Authorship for WordPress Quick Setup Guide. See here for an academic overview of Authorship and Author Rank. In this guide, we’ll establish Google Authorship for your WordPress website so you can increase search rankings and display your photo and link to your profile in search results like so: Step One: Add Your Website to Your Google+ Profile... Read More

5 Epic Facebook Marketing Tips for Dermatologists

1. Set Goals to Track Your Success When starting any campaign it is important to set goals so that you can easily monitor progress and success. It helps you gauge what works and what doesn’t. Be realistic with your goals. What metrics are you using to measure your progress? Reach is a great metric that can be found and monitored... Read More

Footer Links: Bad for Google Rankings, Bad for Clients

Google Says it’s Forbidden and It’s Bad for Clients (So Why are Agencies Still Doing It?) Site-wide footer links (you know, “Designed by Denver SEO Company” in the footer of a website) were always dicey at best. They were easy to detect both visually and algorithmically, and like any site-wide link, they generate potentially thousands of inbound links from one IP/Website.... Read More

New Places for Business Bulk Upload Tool

New Places for Business Bulk Upload Tool Yesterday at I/O, Google announced many new features for Local and Maps.  Some of the features aren’t available yet, but we’re already seeing the new Google+ and Places for Business dashboards. If you’re setting up a new Places for Business account, you may be wonder where to find the new Places for Business... Read More

Google Places Update: How to Find Missing Google+ Local Listings

How to Recover Missing Google Places Listings This morning Google started rolling out a global update to Google Places. The entire service has finally merged with Google+ Local. If you try to go to the normal Places login, you’ll be automatically redirected to a gateway to Google+. For most people this isn’t a problem, but if the email address you... Read More
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